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Campaign spending high in sheriff's race

There may or may not be a new sheriff by the time you read this story, which went to press before the election results were known.

Regardless of who it is, it has cost both men running for the job a wad of money.

Expenditures for the Hubbard County Sheriff's race hit the $40,000 mark and continue to rise.

Recent filings in the Hubbard County Auditor's office show expenses for Frank Homer at $17,440.52. That's in addition to his two previous filings, which totaled $877.08. The current sheriff's latest expenditures are reported for the period ending Oct. 22.

Cory Aukes, in his third filing, reported spending $5,274.82 as of Oct. 21. That's in addition to his initial filing $13,846.14 in expenditures. He currently is a sergeant in the department.

Both candidates spent heavily leading up to the election, but those final figures are not due for 30 days. Their expenditures include money for radio and newspaper ads in the final week push of their campaigns.

Because of the way campaign contributions are listed, for contributions of $100 or more, it's not clear how much out-of-pocket expenditures each candidate has incurred.

However, Homer filed that information in his third filing, due 10 days before the election, as having spent $11,433.35 in cash and $635.88 on a credit card. His earlier filings do not indicate whether donor money or his own were used in the early stages.

He listed contributions of $6,665 on his third report.

Aukes estimates his tab at $22,000, much of it from personal savings. His third filing lists $500 in reportable donations.

In the county attorney's race, Don Dearstyne reported spending $4,615.57 as of Oct. 22 while obtaining $1,380 in contributions. His previous expenses have been filed as $2,268.62 with no reportable donations of $100 or more.

Nathaniel Welte, who is challenging Dearstyne, reported spending $4,830.22 on contributions of $600 in his third filing.

His first two filings detailed expenditures of $3,117.54 and contributions of $2,560 in donations of $100 or more.

In the Dist. 1 county board race, Don Carlson reported spending $2,187.68 through Oct. 19 in his latest filing.

His previous expenses were listed as $6,642.45. He has not filed the names of any large donors to date.

Challenger Kathy Grell reported $2,882.49 in expenses through Oct. 22. Her previous filing indicated $275.42 in campaign expenditures.

Dist. 3 candidates Greg Larson and Floyd Frank had not filed any expense reports as of election time since neither spent money early in the campaign, but both will file a final expense report after the election.

Dist. 5 commissioner Cal Johannsen has spent no money other than his filing fee. He is running unopposed.

Sarah Smith

Sarah Smith is the outdoors editor. She covers courts, business and breaking news in addition to outdoors events.

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