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Corrections to last week's Voter's Guide

Some answers to last week's Voters Guide were inadvertently replicated. Here are the answers to county board questions, as they should have appeared.

3. Should the county pursue the space needs recommendations by moving a department to the second floor of the law enforcement building?

Kathy Grell: The law enforcement building was intended to be a profit center by contracting jail space to other counties. I would need to review the original plan to see if it would still have some merit. I would not consider remodeling the second floor of the jail into office space until I'm convinced there is no hope for a revenue center.

4. Should the county increase funding for the Regional Economic Development Commission?

Floyd Frank: I have always supported the Regional Economic Development Commission based on services and goals achieved. I believe anytime the county provides funds to any organization, the goals and outcomes should be re-viewed to justify continued or increase funding. My interest would be to sit down and review the com-missions mission and accomplishments to see if they meet the county's goals