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Nevis School District PTA campaigns for referendum

Nevis School District residents - parents, specifically - will likely see a second mailing on the proposed operating referendum, spearheaded by members of the PTA.

The district is proposing revoking the current operating levy of $126 per resident pupil and asking voters to authorize a $475 per resident pupil amount. This would be applicable for 10 years.

Voters will head to the polls Tuesday to make the determination.

With the decrease in the general levy, residents will not see an increase in their taxes, at least initially.

The school district sent out an informational brochure earlier this month, but, by law, was required to explain the impact of the operating levy only, which, for example, would add $40 to the taxes of a $100,000 home owner.

The brochure could not elaborate on the overall impact of taxes. This brochure will clarify why taxes will remain unchanged, unless expenditures are needed for health and safety issues or other costs.