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Lake Parh teen recovers from August bull attack

Karen Brown

Karen Brown was never scared of the family farm's host bull. She raised him.

But one day he got violent and rowdy while the 17-year-old rural Lake Park teen was finishing up her evening chores.

"Billy had just come towards me and put his head down," she recalled of the Aug. 17 accident. "...he kept hitting me against the wall ... he hit me about five times.

"I kept screaming and I tried grabbing on the side of the barn."

She also hurt her head when she scraped it on the side of the wall as a result of the attack.

"My face was covered in blood from my head bleeding," Brown said.

Her brother finally heard her screaming for help, ran to her rescue then got the bull away from her.

And by the time emergency crews responded, Brown was still conscious and talking but she couldn't breathe.

The attack caused some internal bleeding and liver injuries that landed her in a Fargo hospital for 10 days.

Her recovery, however, has gone more smoothly than the doctors thought. The home-schooled teenager should be able to get back to complete normal activity by Nov. 1.

After getting her last CAT Scan a couple of weeks ago, she was able to milk the cows and perform minor dairy farm tasks, but she was advised to avoid lifting anything over 35 pounds.

"My liver has actually healed faster than what he (the doctor) thought it would," she said. "I won't have any long-term effects at all."

As the captain of the Lake Park-Audubon cross country team, she can't start running again just yet, but she's been going to practice and helping coach the team.

The bull that attacked Brown is no longer on the farm, she said the family had to put him down after the accident because later that night, he snapped and wasn't safe to be around anymore.

But she knows the bull wasn't intentionally trying to hurt her.

"He wasn't mad at all, he was just playing," Brown said.

But the accident has made her even more cautious now than ever before.

"When you have a bull around and you're doing chores, it's just real safe to have someone with you," Brown said.

Karen's mother Anna Brown said the outpouring of support from the Lake Park and surrounding communities contributed to a speedy recovery.

"The family thanks all the churches and everybody for their prayers," she said. "Everybody was just wonderful."