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Granite inlay bids need clarification before council makes final decision

Bids for decorative granite inlays in downtown Park Rapids did not come in apples to apples so the city will consult an attorney for answers before making a decision.

Next Innovations, Ltd. submitted a bid of $3,000 per inlay without sales tax and Twin Cities Tile and Marble submitted a bid of $3,126 per inlay including sales tax.

Jon Olson, the city's engineer, said he needs to clarify if the tax is just on supplies or also labor.

The inlays will be four-by-four-foot laser-cut marble and granite mosaics featuring Hubbard County lakes. One inlay will be installed at each corner on each of the Main Avenue intersections in downtown. A total of 16 inlays will be installed.

Donors were sought for 14 of them and the city has agreed to fund two of the inlays. The cornerstone inlays are being purchased in memory or in honor of an individual or family.

The lake name will appear in the upper left, the donor on the bottom right.

Next Innovations is the company that provided a sample inlay to the city of Park Rapids. An approximate cost was public knowledge and now there is a question of whether it was a fair way to bid the product.

The design for the inlays was also copyrighted.

City administrator Bill Smith said he would contact the city's attorney for an opinion on the bids. The council will likely hold an emergency meeting next week to review the opinion and make a decision.

Time is an issue because the inlays will take time to make and it will be a tight schedule to get them installed before winter, Olson said.

A notice of the emergency meeting time will be announced Monday, Smith said.

Anna Erickson
Anna Erickson is editor of the Wadena Pioneer Journal.
(218) 631-2561