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Intoxicated woman hits DL Holiday gas pump causing fire, injury

In a bizarre accident Thursday night, an intoxicated woman knocked over a gas pump causing a fire and injuring another driver.

Detroit Lakes Police responded to the accident at the Holiday gas station at 9:59 p.m. on a report of a vehicle on fire, Police Chief Kel Keena said.

They learned that a maroon van driven by 42-year-old Gayleen Schulz-Mohamed, of Pelican Rapids, who was at the gas station, came out, backed up and hit some barricades, then pulled forward and hit another parked car. She then went off to the northwest and hit a gas pump.

She backed up and hit another pump where, 29-year-old Jessica Endres, of Lake Park, was filling up gas.

"That knocks the pump onto this gal," Keena said, adding that she suffered bruises and scraped and had a big gash in her arm.

The gas pump started on fire, but it wasn't over. Schulz-Mohamed reportedly hit a third car before a gas station employee ran out, shut her van off and jerked her out of the vehicle, Keena added.

Endres was transported to St. Mary's hospital, while police arrested Schulz-Mohamed for driving while intoxicated and criminal vehicular operation.

"Alcohol use was a definite factor in the accident," Keena said. "We're also investigating the possibility that there was some mechanical problems with the van."

Both vehicles sustained extensive damage. The gas pumps were shut off and turned back on around 3 a.m.