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Nevis Council approves increased 2011 tax levy

The Nevis Council approved a 3.14 percent increase in the preliminary property tax levy Monday night, totaling $212,278.

A proposed $310,618 general fund budget also received the nod.

The council, noting liquor store earnings are down from years past, agreed to a $30,000 transfer to the general fund, as opposed to $60,000 to $65,000 in recent years.

The liquor store, to date, has netted approximately $13,000, with an income of $4,512 in August.

By fund, the amounts proposed to be levied include $200,271 for the general fund, $76,103 for general government, $56,076 for streets, $48,065 for police, $20,027 for parks and $12,007 for fire protection.

In other action, the council:

n Tabled action on an ordinance regulating wood burning outdoor heating devices, pending a count of the existing exterior furnaces in the city.

Karl Dierkhising questioned if the current outdoor fire boilers should be grandfathered in. Existing devices are likely not to meet requirements.

But he noted the proposed ordinance is not nearly as stringent as many adopted by other cities.

The proposed violation penalty is a fine of $150, minimum, plus the cost of prosecution.

A conditional use permit and building permit would be required for the wood burning furnaces.

n Agreed to serve as the government agent for the Nixle emergency notification system, at the request of fire chief Kerry Swenson.

Swenson reported Cass County is working on implementation of the system that would alert residents to fires, tornado warnings and other contingencies via cell phone, landline, e-mail or fax.

Registration for the system would be at individuals' discretion, including the degrees of emergency notification.Sign-up would run through a secure site on the Internet, Swenson explained.

The city would assume no cost for serving as the agent.

"I like the price," mayor Dave McCurnin said.

n Learned the Nevis Liquor Store is moving international cuisine night to the third Monday of the month, the Oct. 18 theme to be German Fest.

A dart league informational meeting will be held at 7 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 13 at the muni, with hopes for a second team to form.

n Learned beginning Oct. 20 the fire department and muni will host bar bingo on Wednesdays.

Liquor store manager Mark Peterson is requesting "charismatic assistants" to lend a hand, McCurnin and Paul Schroeder stepping up for the first stint.

n Opened sealed quotes for the city's 2000 Ford Crown Victoria, $1,111 the high bid.

"Jimmy Hoffa's in the trunk,"McCurnin quipped.

n Learned McCurnin's "pet peeve" is city dog owners' unwillingness to purchase licenses. Four licenses have been purchased to date, the mayor sardonically questioning if this is the total canine population.

Animals brought to the Headwaters Animal Shelter cost the city, he said, noting unlicensed - some presumably lacking vaccination - are a safety issue.

Households are limited to two dogs, per city ordinance.

n Approved a $1,350 quote from Howard's Driveway Paving for repair of Arrowhead Drive.

n Set Oct. 5, 6 and 7 for hydrant flushing.

n Approved new Planning Commission member Palmer Larsen.

n Reported an "amicable conclusion" appears to have been reached with the property owner regarding the water connection at 115 Highway 34. The property is connected to city sewer, but not water.

In October 2009, the council made a motion to contact the property owner requesting the connection be made by June 1. No action was taken by the property owner.

The issue was tabled until a final agreement is made.

n Approved new fire department members Ronald Leyba Jr. and Paul Reese.

Joel Karnitz submitted his resignation.

n Will advertise for bids for the former police department's 12- to 14-gun safe.

When the city police department was dissolved, the guns in the safe were taken to the sheriff's department.

n Approved certificate of deposit renewals through TruStar Federal Credit Union.