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Main Avenue construction continues on schedule

Main Avenue construction continues with installation of pipes from 3rd to 5th Streets. (Anna Erickson / Enterprise)

Main Avenue construction is on schedule with underground work completed between Highway 34 and 3rd Street.

"We're half way through the season," said project manager Jon Olson.

Street grading has begun on the first block south of Highway 34. Class 5 will be hauled in and curb and gutter concrete work could begin next week. This will be followed by grading, hauling in Class 5 and the installation of curb and gutter on the second block.

All buildings between 3rd and 5th Streets are on temporary water. Sanitary sewer is being installed and once this is finished the storm sewer will be installed.

A few business owners asked when temporary street crossings would be set up again. Olson explained that those were removed to accommodate grading on the northern blocks of downtown. The crossings will be set up for the weekend.

Street lights are being placed in slightly different positions than before, which will result in some modifications to awnings in some cases, Olson said. This was included in the overall project cost.

After curb and gutter are poured, the street will be next, followed by the sidewalks. Some business owners questioned why the sidewalks couldn't be poured first. It was explained that it's more important for the street to be open so trucks can drive on it to pour the sidewalks.

Concrete takes at least 24 hours to cure before pedestrians can walk on it. It was suggested that somewhere a date should be stamped into the concrete to mark the construction. Olson said that was a possibility and to let the contractors know if there is interest.

The colored concrete sections will be poured last. Olson said there has been a delay at the state level with test panels that would be stamped in Pioneer Park. The delay comes because colored, textured concrete needs special approval and isn't seen too often, he said.

The delay with the test panels will not delay the construction schedule, however, since it is just a test panel. He hopes it will be approved soon.

So far, 10 donors have stepped forward to pay for granite inlays featuring area lakes. There are a total of 16 inlays. To purchase an inlay, contact Dave Collins at 732-2256.

Weekly construction meetings will continue at 8 a.m. at Bella Caffé.

Anna Erickson
Anna Erickson is editor of the Wadena Pioneer Journal.
(218) 631-2561