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Days Gone By: Emmaville site of new store, Val Chatel eyed for theater

Excerpts taken from the Park Rapids Enterprise

70 years ago

Sept. 12, 1940

Building new store

L.W. Cleghorn, who operates Emmaville Store on the Lake George Road has started work on the construction of a new store building to house his increasing business. The old store building has been moved and the new building will occupy its site. The new structure will be 26 x 50 feet in size. Mr. Cleghorn hopes to have it ready for use about Oct. 15.

50 years ago

Sept. 8, 1960

Rodney Bethel has purchased locker plant

Rodney Bethel announced this week that he has purchased Ernie's Locker Plant, formerly operated by Terry Hitter. The plant is fully equipped to do a full line of processing, butchering, curing, smoking and rendering. New low prices will be in effect on rented lockers, Mr. Bethel said.

Dedication of Calvary Lutheran Church is scheduled next Sunday

The new Calvary Lutheran Church, which has been under construction the past year, will be dedicated in special services Sunday morning. A church of block construction was built as a first unit in 1949. A new church and education unit has been built at a total cost of $120,000 and has been blended in with the first unit to produce A unified church with adequate facilities for worship, education and fellowship.

25 years ago

Sept. 11, 1985

Viking! planners eye Val Chatel property

Headwaters Society, operators of the proposed Viking! Theatre, have made an offer to purchase Val Chatel, it was announced Tuesday morning. The decision to make the bid for the facility, currently closed and facing bankruptcy proceedings, was made at a meeting on Monday night. The group is offering $500,000 for the property, according to Viking! Theatre director Jerry Allen.

County's first century farm

The John Thompson Farm southeast of Park Rapids was one of the 390 farms recognized as a century farm, the first for Hubbard County. The criteria to be recognized is continuous family ownership for 100 or more years. The original owners, Asher and Mary Blunt, homesteaded in 1882. Now great-grandson, John, wife Kathy and son Randy raise hogs on the farm as well as corn and barley for feed and wheat and navy beans.

10 years ago

Sept. 6, 2000

Park Rapids area players spent $1 million last year on state lottery games

The Minnesota State Lottery's 10th year was its best - sales totaled a record $397.2 million, a 1.8 percent increase from fiscal year 1999. In the Park Rapids area, lottery sales totaled $1 million, a 2.1 percent increase from fiscal year 1999. Scratch game sales totaled $768,938 and online game sales totaled $248,735. The Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund received $60,043 and $155,704 was transferred to the General Fund. The area's 10 retailers earned $70,474 in commissions and incentives for selling lottery products. Players redeemed tickets worth approximately $507,223 at these stores.