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Audubon teen critically injured after attack by bull

A 17-year-old Audubon girl was critically injured after a bull attacked her on the family dairy farm Tuesday.

Karen Brown was finishing up evening chores when she was charged by the bull, causing severe internal injuries, her mother Anna Brown said.

"She lost sight of him for a second and he kind of came up behind her and knocked her over and beat on her several times," she added.

The girl was able to pull herself up to a fence and that's when her brother heard her screaming and came to help get the bull away from her, Anna Brown said.

"Karen has always taken care of the bull since his birth two years ago ... she always kind of liked him, so she was not afraid of him," her mother added.

The teen was airlifted to Sanford Health in Fargo with injuries to the liver and was immediately placed in the intensive care unit.

But doctors told her family that she's expected to make a full recovery being that she's a healthy, strong and athletic youngster.