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Becker County has primary election shakeup

An incumbent Becker County commissioner was knocked out of one race and anther commissioner race ended in a virtual tie in Tuesday's primary election.

The top two vote-getters in each district move on to the general election in November.

In District 2, Commissioner Harry Salminen was defeated.

John Okeson was the top vote-getter with 273 votes, or 32 percent. In second place was Cyndi Anderson with 207 votes or 25 percent.

Okeson and Anderson will face off in the general election.

Ben Farner took third with 186 votes, or 22 percent. Salminen, who has been on the county board for eight years, came in fourth with 150 votes or 18 percent. William "Gerry" Anderson received 27 votes or 3 percent.

In District 4, Donald Skarie was the top vote-getter, with 186 votes, or 32 percent. Commissioner John Bellefeuille came in second with 181 votes or just under 32 percent. Those two will face off in the general election.

Brad Grant came in third with 132 votes, or 23 percent, Richard Grossman received 40 votes or 7 percent and Bob Spilman received 34 votes or 6 percent.

In the Frazee-Vergas School Board race, incumbent Richard Ziegler was the top vote-getter, with 830 votes.

Matt Bauer came in second with 625 votes.

James R. Nelson was next with 561 votes.

Kenny Fett received 542 votes.

Mary Lepisto received 243 votes.

Kevin Litzau received 227 votes.

Brenda Como received 203 votes.

Chris Wacker received 197 votes.

Incumbent Donald Thorp received 175 votes.

Carey Alger received 142 votes.

Rick Dekarske received 33 votes.

All except Thorp, Alger and Dekarske will advance to the general election in November. There are four seats open on the school board.

Statewide, party-endorsed candidates won in all the statewide races, except in the DFL governor's race, where Mark Dayton appears to have squeaked out a win over Margaret Anderson Kelliher.

The statewide vote totals were 178,689 for Dayton (41.19 percent) and 173,008 for Kelliher-Anderson (39.88 percent). Matt Entenza received 79.014 votes or 18.22 percent. Peter Idusogie received 3,067 votes or 0.71 percent

In the Becker County vote, Dayton won with 932 votes, or 44 percent, followed by Anderson Kelliher at 805 votes, or 38 percent, and Matt Entenza with 337 votes, or 16 percent. Peter Idusogie received 32 votes.