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Nevis officials hope summer events bolster liquor profits

Nevis summertime festivities - the pig races, this weekend's Muskie Days and the upcoming Uffda Days, are proving, and anticipated, to boost liquor store revenues.

The liquor store reported a net income of $4,051 in June, $3,797 in May. But profits remain in negative territory, by approximately, $4,000.

"This is a pivotal year," mayor Dave McCurnin said of the liquor store. "We need to expand the customer base."

Without food, he said, the muni is not a first choice for many, he pointed out of people dining out.

But liquor store manager Mark Peterson has worked to rectify this, holding monthly "international cuisine" events on the third Wednesday of the month.

July 21, Spam will take center stage when the muni hosts an "anything with Spam" contest. Prizes will honor the chefs creating the tastiest dishes with the quintessential Minnesota mainstay as the primary ingredient.

In other action, the council:

n Reminded filings for city council positions open Aug. 3, closing Aug. 17. McCurnin's two-year term as mayor expires as do the four-year council seats held by Karl Dierkhising and Paul Schroeder.

n Learned plans for the Housing and Redevelopment student-built house are moving forward, the council to address a variance for the structure on Main Avenue at the next meeting.

n Welcomed Alex Magaard on board as a member of the Nevis Fire and Rescue Department.

"He will be a good addition," McCurnin said.

n Agreed to seek bids from plumbers for water lines to be extended to 115 Highway 34. The property is connected to city sewer, but not water. The council also agreed to seek city attorney John Masog's advice on whether the city has the right to enter the home.

In October 2009, the council made a motion to contact the property owner requesting the connection be made by June 1. No action was taken by the property owner.

"I think we have to proceed or the next guy that builds a house (won't comply)," McCurnin said.

n Learned two walls at the city beach are in need of repair. "It's a liability issue," Schroeder cautioned, urging prompt action.

n Agreed to officially dedicate Halvorson Beach at 10 a.m. today (Saturday).