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Tori the tornado dog finds a home in Minnesota

Tori the tornado dog

Tori the tornado dog has a new home.

The day an article appeared in the Herald about Tori, an abandoned chocolate lab found after the June 17 tornado near Northwood, N.D., a couple from Polk County, Minn., took her home.

Lance Dahl had been caring for Tori since the tornado tore through his brother Owen's property near Northwood.

Lance Dahl had taken Tori to his home in the Hatton, N.D., city limits, but with two other dogs, taking in Tori permanently wasn't in the cards.

Dahl contacted the Herald, which reported the dog's plight in Saturday's edition. That day, a couple from Polk County called and told Dahl they had the perfect farmstead just off state Highway 9.

After Dahl returned home later that afternoon, the couple arrived and Tori was on her way. Dahl received several other calls about adopting Tori over the weekend; and one on Tuesday.

Dahl said Tori was spotted around his brother's property a few days before the tornado, but after it hit, the dog wanted to stay close to the farmstead as much as possible. Dahl figures the dog was abandoned a few weeks before based on her weight and appearance.

A trip to the veterinarian diagnosed Tori (named after tornado) with incontinence, but the dog was overall in good health. Dahl figures Tori is about 6 or 7 years old.