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Wadena asking for volunteers through this weekend

City of Wadena needs volunteers through Saturday, June 26

WADENA, Minn. - The city of Wadena, devastated by a tornado on June 17, is calling for volunteers through Saturday, June 26. A maximum of 350 volunteers each day is required to perform the clean-up work.

Those wishing to provide assistance are asked to register by calling either 1-800-543-7709 or 211. This is an automated system. Please stay on the line and speak with an attendant for additional details.

Volunteers should wear sturdy shoes or boots, gloves, long pants and shirts and should bring shovels and garbage bags. Groups of 15 or more are asked to pre-register with 211 and identify the date and time available, number of people in the group and provide the name of the group leader.

Volunteers should report to the old Pamida on Highway 71 north from 8:30 a.m. until 6:30 p.m. and to check in before starting service.

The city of Wadena will observe a community-wide day of rest on Sunday, June 27 to allow residents to re-assess their situations.

Residents of the city wish to thank the public for their overwhelming show of support, caring and compassion during this difficult time.