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Hubbard County gearing up for relief efforts in Wadena

The Hubbard County Sheriff's Office-Emergency Management provides the following information on the relief effort for the Wadena Tornado.

Wadena County Emergency Management requests that starting Monday June 21st volunteers wishing to provide their time in the clean up efforts arrive and park at the old Pamida parking lot (Hwy 71) and wait their for further guidance by coordinators of the relief effort. The old Pamida lot will be staging area when volunteers are mobilized. Please wait there until you are provided with further directions.

Volunteers are asked to wear appropriate work clothing, gloves, safety shoes/boots, and to bring plenty of water and/or food and be ready to assist with debris removal. Please remember some of the debris will be sharp metals and glass, with the potential for slight injury.

All contractors need to provide their contact information along with license, bond information, and insurance to City Hall prior to their arrival.

Also, Minnesota Department of Transportation and Minnesota State Patrol officials are asking all non-resident motorists to avoid the Wadena area at all costs through Monday, June 21. Congested traffic on U.S. Highway 10 and local roads is severely interfering with recovery efforts.

Please tune your radio stations to 105.9 FM KKWS The Superstation for live on-air radio updates of the events and public information regarding the Wadena Tornado.

Any questions or concerns place contact Deputy Brian Halbasch with the Hubbard County Sheriff's Office-Emergency Management at 218-732-2588.