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Republican candidate Chip Cravaack running for 8th District seat

Republican Chip Cravaack is running for the 8th Congressional District seat.

Republican candidate Chip Cravaack plans to take Minnesota's 8th Congressional District from long-time incumbent DFLer Jim Oberstar in November.

Cravaack met with Hubbard County constituents in Park Rapids this week to garner support.

Cravaack is a retired U.S. Navy Captain. He is the third generation of military servicemen in his family. He has lived in several states because of his work as a Navy pilot and Northwest Airlines pilot.

"I'm here because of my kids," he told an audience Wednesday evening. "I started looking at the federal deficit and how it would affect my kids and knew I needed to do something."

He and his wife, Traci, have two sons, Nick, 8, and Grant, 6.

He was a member of a union when he worked for Northwest Airlines and said he can connect with other constituents involved with unions in this district.

"Yes, I'm conservative but I can relate to unions, private unions," he said.

Cravaack wants to promote economic development and job creation for Minnesota.

"We have one of the highest business tax rates and we're losing people to South Dakota," he said. "I want to change that."

He also supports being fiscally conservative and using common sense. He said that when there isn't money in the bank, the government can't keep writing checks.

Cravaack also wants to secure the nation. He said the national security threats to this country need to be fixed.

"We need a common sense plan to secure our perimeter," he said.

He pointed to Oberstar's support for the Cap and Trade bill and vote for the health care bill as being bad for Minnesota and the country.

The 8th district is one of the most recessed areas because of excessive taxation and regulation of businesses, Cravaack said. He wants some regulations to be lifted.

"Federal government is getting too big," he said.