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County Road 90, 'a disgrace,' may get gravel, plowing, TLC

County Road 90 in Thorpe Township is in poor condition. The board wants to see it get some attention. (Sarah Smith / Enterprise)

Hubbard County Road 90 in Thorpe Township came under the scrutiny of the county board Wednesday and didn't fare well.

"It's a disgrace," said board chair Lyle Robinson said of the central Hubbard County road. "There are rocks in there so big you can't hardly drive around them. I can show you minimum maintenance roads that are better than that," he told county engineer Dave Olsonawski.

County Road 90 is also Junco Drive on the north side of Big Mantrap Lake. But the problems occur where the road jogs off Junco further north of Mantrap. It becomes hilly and rutted. Trees have fallen across the roadway from recent high winds.

The board discussed whether any permanent residents live there. Olsonawski said one resident has objected in the past to grading the hill the man lives on. But the residents are mostly seasonal, he theorized.

"If we didn't do work every time there's an objection we wouldn't be doing anything," Robinson told Olsonawski. "Let's get some gravel down there" so the road graders have something to move.

He asked Olsonawski to move County 90 back up to "the top of the pile" of roads to repair.

It is not one of 13 roadways currently being graveled throughout the county.

"Hunters use it," Robinson said. "We had people in mid-June last year that got stuck in the middle of the road. When you go there and there's grass growing in the middle of the road because we haven't bladed it,,,," he said, shaking his head.

When commissioner Dick Devine chuckled, Robinson took him to task.

"If you had that road in your district you wouldn't be as polite as I'm trying to be," he said.

Commissioners wondered how it became a county road in the first place and not a township road.

It's a dead end at the northernmost part of County 90.

Olsonawski said he's been trying to give all the county's dead end roads back to the townships to maintain.

"If we give it back to 'em (Thorpe Township) we'd have to fix it before we did," Robinson said. Otherwise the township might refuse the "gift."

Olsonawski has scheduled two separate public meetings to discuss the county's proposed five-year road construction plan.

The first meeting is tentatively scheduled for June 7 in Nary and the second June 15 in the county boardroom. Both meetings are scheduled to begin at 7 p.m.

Commissioners said representatives from Helga Township also have some concerns about drainage on their roads.

Sarah Smith

Sarah Smith is the outdoors editor. She covers courts, business and breaking news in addition to outdoors events.

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