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Nevis looks at board and staff use of school facilities during off-hours

Nevis School has agreed to review policy on staff's use of school facilities after receiving a complaint last week and an allegation posted on the Enterprise Web site.

The comment posted on the Enterprise site alleged school board members are allowed to use the bus garage "as their personal workshop.

"As a taxpayer," the anonymous person wrote, "I find this 'perk' very unfair. I would love to bring my vehicles in and use their facility and tools, but I'm not in the club."

Superintendent Steve Rassier said he and board member Sherm Anderson are looking into the practice as well as staff use of other facilities during non-working hours. They will submit recommendations to the board.

Staff members, he said, have used equipment in the industrial education room and played with their kids in the gym.

Rassier admitted he's among the staff members who have taken a private vehicle to be washed at the bus garage. Generally, he said, it's been used by bus drivers.

The practice is at no cost to the district except use of the facility, he said. No staff time has been involved.

He said a process is in place for staff borrowing of some school equipment, which must be signed out. All of these practices will come under review, he said.

"We are not sweeping this under the rug," he stressed. "We will investigate," possibly looking at other school policies.