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Red Bridge isn't falling down, but needs repairs soon

The support braces holding up each end of the Red Bridge are cracking and in need of repair. (Sarah Smith / Enterprise)1 / 3
The support brace that caps the pilings is showing signs of age. (Sarah Smith / Enterprise)2 / 3
The support beam's cracks are visible from the bridge deck. (Sarah Smith / Enterprise)3 / 3

Park Rapids' most distinguishable characteristic is in need of repair. The Red Bridge will likely be lifted, one end at a time, this summer, to replace the cracking crossbeams on the pilings that support the structure. A winter inspection by a state highway department structural engineer revealed the structural defects, said Hubbard County Parks and Recreation superintendent Greg Hensel. He is working with the city Public Works Department to formulate estimates and a plan of action. Because the bridge is on both city and county property,the repair costs will be evenly split.

Sarah Smith

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