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Hundreds of kids battle for Easter eggs at Nevis hunt

Hundreds of kids lined the sidewalk of Muskie Park Saturday afternoon waiting for the signal to begin the annual egg hunt. (Sarah Smith / Enterprise)1 / 3
One-year-old Brady Hirt of Park Rapids seems to be struggling mightily with his Easter egg bounty. (Sarah Smith / Enterprise)2 / 3
Kaya Klein, 10 months, of Park Rapids, selected an egg that color-coordinated with her baby bottle. (Sarah Smith / Enterprise)3 / 3

More than 600 kids, in a crowd of 2,000 people, lined the sidewalk along Nevis' Muskie Park Saturday in an Easter egg hunt that would rival another one held out east in a big White House.

A block-long, knee-high wave of pre-school humanity surged through the rope lines at 1 p.m. to grab up 10,000 plastic eggs scattered throughout the park.

"Don't get trampled," cautioned Nevis teacher Amy Schroeder, who was acting as a crowd control cop for the brief run-for-the eggs.

Nevis' Chamber of Commerce and Fire Department sponsor the annual event.

This year 24 bikes were donated by local businesses. Kids with a lucky number inside their egg got to pick out a bike.

More than 1,000 prizes were also claimed, from bubbles to balls to yo-yo's.

"It's a big family event," said organizer Sara Halik, who coordinates the hunt with husband Brian. "Grandparents bring their grandkids."

"This was the first year we gave away 24 bikes," Brian said. Local businesses, his included, stepped up to donate this year to make the event a success.

There was even something for the adults. Bonnie Huseby donated a quilt that went to a lucky winner.

Karch Frazier, 2, of Akeley, was attending his first egg hunt. He came with mom Shannon. He seemed momentarily confused with all the booty on the ground, but quickly picked up on the mission.

Jayden Lawrey, 3, came from Duluth to visit Park Rapids grandparents.

Both kids had a basket full of eggs. The 10,000 were scooped up in a matter of minutes.

"It goes pretty quickly," Sara Halik laughed.

Pods of kids, parents and grandparents squatted on the park lawn to open their eggs. You could tell the bike winners by the excited squeals through the crowd.

Or maybe it was a kid winning a ball.

Devin Lindow shyly showed off his Easter basket. It wasn't full and he didn't seem to mind.

Little Owen Pierce, 1, of Akeley, dragged a plastic shopping bag full of eggs around the park, his stocking cap sliding down over his eyes, his nose running in the brisk spring air.

He was grinning from ear to ear. The Nevis Easter bunny was very generous to him.

Sarah Smith

Sarah Smith is the outdoors editor. She covers courts, business and breaking news in addition to outdoors events.

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