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Bank robbery photos released; suspect still at large

The bank robbery suspect is shown at the teller counter in this photo.1 / 3
In this photo the robber turns to leave the bank.2 / 3
In this photo the suspect is demanding money from the female teller.3 / 3

Authorities released photos of what appeared to be a paunchy, middle-aged man who is wanted in a bank heist in Akeley Friday night.

The grainy photos, captured from bank surveillance videotape, show the man, clad in light colored tennis shoes, jeans, a camouflaged jacket, ball cap and sunglasses, leaning against the teller counter at First National Bank of Walker's Akeley branch, demanding money.

The suspect is carrying a small gym bag and at one point, appears to rest the gun on the counter as he waits for a teller to fill the bag with cash from her drawer.

He is believed to have fled in a dark blue Chevy Tahoe SUV.

Hubbard County Sheriff Frank Homer, when asked if he was concerned the man had a 24-hour head start, said "we believe this is his M.O. He hits and runs."

Homer said the FBI has sent a request out to neighboring states asking if there have been similar heists lately.

An undisclosed amount of cash was taken about 5:30 Friday night, shortly before the bank would have closed.

Three women employees were not harmed during the robbery, which Homer said lasted "less than thirty seconds."

The robber appears to be very calm and shows no emotion on the photos.

He is believed to be around 5'10" tall.

Homer said authorities don't know if he's still driving the Tahoe of "if he ditched it but it hasn't turned up anywhere so he may still be in it."

All day Saturday authorities combed the region's highways and side roads.

Sarah Smith

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