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Hubbard County DFL Convention draws 55 delegates

Rep. Brita Sailer - DFL, Park Rapids, endorses gubernatorial candidate Margaret Anderson Kelliher at the DFL convention Sunday. Sailer is also running for re-election in District 2B. (Anna Erickson/Enterprise)1 / 2
DFL candidate Meg Bye is running for the House 4B seat. She spoke to delegates at the Hubbard County DFL Convention Sunday in Laporte. (Anna Erickson/Enterprise)2 / 2

The overall theme was clear at the Hubbard County DFL Convention Sunday afternoon: A DFLer needs to be elected to the governor position this fall.

Fifty-five registered delegates attended the convention at the Laporte School.

Several guests spoke to the delegates about why they should be elected governor or why their candidate should be elected governor. Having health care available for everyone was a priority for most candidates.

Gubernatorial candidates Tom Rukavina, Matt Entenza and John Marty attended the convention to speak with delegates. Paul Thissen, R.T. Rybak, Tom Bakk and Margaret Anderson Kelliher had people speaking on behalf of them.

Legislative candidates Meg Bye - Dist. 4B, Brita Sailer - Dist. 2B, and Mary Olson - Dist. 4, spoke about their election campaigns.

Delegates also voted on several resolutions. The top 20 will be presented at the state convention.

Some of the resolutions include:

n Support funding to make high speed Internet service available to all areas of Minnesota within two years.

n Support inclusion of gender equality in the Minnesota Constitution and the United States Constitution.

n Recognize that investing in our public schools is investing in our future and will do its best in this financial crisis to protect funding for our schools.

n Support funding public education from general state revenues rather than from local property taxes.

n Support providing incentives to businesses to research, develop and use alternative and clean sources of energy.

n Support a universal, single-payer health care plan on the federal level and the single-payer Minnesota Health Act at the state level.

n Exercise leadership in Minnesota to develop a 100 year plan to reduce, mitigate, or stop the loss of farmland, the sprawl of cities, deforestation and excessive lakeshore development and water usage.

n Support a Minnesota tax policy that includes long-term planning and provides a balance between spending cuts and increased revenue including judicious state income tax increases.

Four delegates and four alternates were elected to attend the DFL State Convention April 23-25.

Hubbard County DFL chairman Norm Leistikow said he thought the county convention went well.

"This isn't as big an election year as in 2008 but I think interest will start to pick up, especially with the governor race," he said.

Anna Erickson
Anna Erickson is editor of the Wadena Pioneer Journal.
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