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Hubbard County region could see 6-10 inches of snow by Monday night

Hubbard County will see nearly continuous snowfall through Monday, with totals ranging up to a possible 6-10 inches of new snow.

"You'll get 1-2 inches today; 1-2 inches tonight, 1-2 inches Saturday, 1-3 inches Sunday and another couple of inches Monday," said National Weather Service meteorologist Dave Kellenbenz.

"It's going to pile up over the next three days." But snows will be intermittent, not continuous, he added.

But Kellenbenz said temperatures should remain in the 20s and winds won't blow the snow around until Monday, if it does pick up.

Friday morning authorities had responded to few vehicles in the ditch in Hubbard County and one report of a semi truck colliding with a horse on County Road 4 near Deer Lane.

"The horse wasn't injured badly and the semi only had minor damage," said Sheriff Frank Homer.

"It's not super slick out there but people need to slow down."

Sarah Smith

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