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Detroit Lakes has new Jeep dealership

Detroit Lakes Ford-Chrysler-Dodge recently added a Jeep franchise to its line. General Manager Brock Webber (left) and Sales Manager Jeff Webber said the addition is part of Chrysler's goal to unify its brands under one dealership roof. (Jason Adkins/DL Newspapers)

Detroit Lakes Ford-Chrysler-Dodge recently added another franchise to its business with the addition of Jeep in December.

Nereson Chevrolet Cadillac had the local Jeep franchise before being notified last May that the franchise would be terminated as part of the company's bankruptcy reorganization.

Nationwide, Chrysler terminated 789 dealerships across its various brands.

"They terminated some dealers in our locality," said Detroit Lakes Ford-Chrysler-Dodge General Manager Brock Webber. "Their whole intent was to get Chrysler-Dodge together so you could focus on that product."

Detroit Lakes Ford-Chrysler-Dodge Sales Manager Jeff Webber said the Jeep customers are loyal to the brand.

"They are very loyal customers," he said. "There are also service and parts customers."

"Jeep customers are Jeep people," Brock Webber said. "They seem to stick with Jeeps. We're excited to have them."

Jeff Webber said the Jeep brand complements the Chrysler and Dodge models in the sports utility line.

"The Jeep is kind of their SUV vehicle," he said. "They aren't really represented in the Dodge or Chrysler brands."

The addition to the Jeep family will come in stages, with service and parts available now.

It will help the bottom line for the dealership and will benefit Jeep customers, Brock Webber said.

"Taking care of them by having qualified and trained people after the sale is just as, if not more, important than the sale itself," he said of servicing Jeep vehicles.

New models will be coming within 90 says. Customers, though, can order a new Jeep tailored to their needs.

"We can build them, price them and sell them," Brock Webber said.

In addition, the dealership can find Jeeps through other dealerships and arrange trades.

"If someone wants a Jeep now, we can get it for them," Jeff Webber said.

One and two-year-old Jeeps are already on the lot for sale. The dealership will also add Jeep advertising and signage.

The ultimate benefit for the Webber family in adding Jeep is helping the customer. Instead of having to send customers to other dealers, an added brand means more options on-site.

"We have both vehicles sitting here when a customer wants to take a test drive," Jeff Webber said.

With the Jeep line, the learning curve for mechanics compared to Chrysler's and Dodge's are small.

"There are a few nuances, primarily in four-wheel drive system," Brock Webber said. "Other than that, it's pretty similar from what they are already used to."

Detroit Lakes Ford-Chrysler-Dodge is located 1015 Highway 59 South. It can be reached at 847-2601 or at