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Deadline to claim Jingle Bells prizes is Friday

It's time pull out those green tickets before it's too late. Dig into pockets, purses and in the couch under the cushions, where not only spare change can be found, but a ticket worth five grand.

The Jingle Bells grand prize winner of $5,000 is still out there.

Ticket number 5128487 must be claimed by noon this Friday, otherwise the second ticket that was drawn at the gala will be the winner.

The second ticket - number 1583907 - has been confirmed, according to the Park Rapids Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce.

Additionally, the fourth prize of $1,000 remains unclaimed as of Wednesday. That ticket number is 6747846.

The second ticket drawn in that category - number 6274282 - has also been confirmed, so whoever has that ticket will be the winner as of 12:01 Friday if the first ticket is still missing.

Unclaimed second chance prizes are: Gift box #2 with ticket number 1258203; two duck houses with ticket number 6715469; and a Park Avenue School of Cosmetology spa day for ticket number 3046985.

The deadline to claim second chance prizes is also noon Friday, Jan. 8.