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Red Wing man beaten by three women after meeting them at bar

RED WING - A Hastings woman is one of three people facing multiple felony charges for allegedly robbing, beating and repeatedly stabbing a man Dec. 23, 2008, before leaving him in the middle of a Red Wing street.

Goodhue County prosecutors have charged Casey Cooper, 22, Hastings, Ramsey Kruse, 23, Red Wing, and Brittani Bender, 21, Red Wing, with first-degree aggravated robbery and second-degree assault.

Initial police reports indicated the alleged victim was cut on the head but formal complaints filed against the women detail a grisly altercation that left the man with serious injuries.

Police found Jimmy Wiseman bleeding in the snowy street along the 500 block of Centennial Street in Red Wing at 2:30 a.m., Dec. 23, after neighbors called 911 saying they saw three people beating another person.

According to authorities, Wiseman sustained 16 lacerations on his back, some of them very deep, and his ear was cut. At the scene authorities found a broken bottle.

In his statement to police, Wiseman said he met three women at the Harbor Bar in Hager City and offered them $15 for a ride home.

When they arrived at Wiseman's home one of the women swiped $100 from him, he said. He then grabbed the car keys in an attempt to get his money back, at which point the women began to beat him, he said.

Kruse and Bender, in their statements to police, agreed they gave Wiseman a ride, but denied stealing his money. Cooper didn't give a statement.

Rather, the women said Wiseman was mistaken about the cash.

Bender said Wiseman refused to give back the keys and started acting "psychotically." Kruse said when she tried to take back the keys from Wiseman they both fell to the ground.

According to the criminal complaint, Kruse said she hit Wiseman on the back with "either a chunk of ice or a bottle." Bender said the women were able to retrieve the keys from Wiseman.

After the altercation, the trio went to Kruse's residence where they had a quick nightcap before leaving, the criminal complaints state.

Police apprehended them at 3:30 a.m. in the parking lot of Rivertown Liquors, 827 Main St. in Red Wing. Officers at the scene said one of the girls had blood on her shirt and there were bloodstains inside the car. According to the complaint, Cooper wasn't wearing a shirt underneath her leather jacket because she'd taken it off because it was covered in blood.