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Man arrested for 12th DWI in Park Rapids New Year's Eve

William Lawrence Butcher1 / 2
David Abel Fraki2 / 2

A Becker County man was arrested by Park Rapids police minutes before midnight on New Year's Eve for his 12th DWI offense.

William Lawrence Butcher, 48, has a two-page long rap sheet of alcohol-related offenses.

He appears today in Hubbard County District Court on a First Degree felony DWI charge.

Court records indicate Butcher was arrested three other times in 2009 for drunken driving offenses and a fourth time for drug possession. He has 11 prior DWI convictions dating back to 1980.

He was driving without a valid license when he was arrested by Park Rapids police four minutes before midnight on Dec. 31. The police report indicates he was urinating on the roadside of Eureka Drive, just west of the city.

Another repeat drunken driver, David Abiel Fraki, 66, of Park Rapids and formerly Fergus Falls, was arrested during a fight in the parking lot of the Eagle's Club early Sunday after police chief Terry Eilers said he sideswiped a squad car and nearly struck a Hubbard County deputy who responded to the call. He is charged with two counts of Third Degree DWI and a variety of lesser counts.

"He's got five prior DWIs," Eilers said of Fraki. The criminal complaint indicates six prior convictions, with his Sunday arrest being his seventh.

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