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Park Rapids hits 38 below Saturday

The Weather Channel told the story of a bitterly cold morning. (Sarah Smith/Enterprise)1 / 2
A spectacular full moon greeted New Year's Eve snowmobilers, anglers and people out celebrating. But it was anything but blue. (Sarah Smith/Enterprise)2 / 2

2010 began with mind-numbing cold temperatures. At 8 a.m. Jan. 2, The Weather Channel reported 38 below zero in Park Rapids.

The National Weather Service indicated 36 below at 7 a.m., gleaned from the Park Rapids Municipal Airport.

What's 2 degrees among friends?

"It looks like it's gonna stay that way for awhile, but that's the last thing you wanted to hear, right?" asked NWS meteorologist Brad Hopkins.

The region is under a wind chill advisory due to the Arctic high perched just north of the region.

"We'll have a little wave, a clipper, that will bring the temperatures up a bit," Hopkins said, "but then we'll get a reinforcing shot of cold by the end of (next) week. The temps will slide down again."

But Hopkins said next weekend should look better, when temperatures will climb above zero.