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AAA North Dakota offers safe winter driving tips

-Keep emergency supplies in the vehicle, including a cell phone, boots, gloves, blanket, a coffee can heater, flashlight and reflective triangle.

-Before starting out in snowy weather, take time to remove the snow from the entire car so it doesn't blow onto your windshield or the windshields of other drivers.

-Drive with your low-beam headlights on.

-Watch for icy surfaces on bridges and intersections, even when the rest of the road seems to be in good condition.

-Look farther ahead in traffic. Actions by other drivers will alert you to problems and give you extra seconds to react.

-When changing lanes, avoid cutting in front of trucks, which need more time and distance than passenger vehicles to stop.

-Don't use cruise control on slick roads.

-Remember that four-wheel drive helps you to get going more quickly, but it won't help you stop any faster.

-If stranded, motorists are advised to stay with the vehicle. If the engine starts, run it only long enough to keep warm. Make sure the exhaust pipe is snow-free.