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Officers apply full court press to speeding, drinking motorists

Law officers are out in force this weekend. (Sarah Smith/Enterprise)

They're out there.

Law enforcement agencies throughout Minnesota, Hubbard County and Park Rapids made a visible show of force by Wednesday afternoon, ticketing speeders and on the prowl for drunk drivers.

The Department of Public Safety says impaired drivers caused more than half of the Thanksgiving weekend fatalities during the past three years. DWI arrests during that time resulted in 2,232 people being pulled over in the state.

In the Park Rapids area, police, deputies and patrol officers were concentrating on the major arteries, especially the 30 mph zones on the edges of town.

Around 3 p.m. Wednesday, four different officers had pulled over motorists in what appeared to be a line of traffic offenders on a stretch of Highway 71.

And, because officers can now issue tickets for motorists who fail to use their seat belts, compliance for being buckled up is also being targeted this weekend.