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Moorhead police arrest three for counterfeiting, ask public to check for fake bills

MOORHEAD - Police here are asking the public to check their wallets for counterfeit bills after three people were arrested Wednesday night for allegedly passing fake money at the M&H convenience store.

A store employee contacted police just before midnight about three counterfeit $10 bills that had just been passed at the store at 510 Main Avenue, according to Lt. Tory Jacobson.

Moorhead police, with the help of the U.S. Secret Service, arrested three people at 910 2nd Ave. S. and seized evidence of counterfeiting.

Rianna Mesa, 19, Richard Perpuly, 23, and Ashley Perpuly, 18, all of Moorhead, were arrested on suspicion of counterfeiting and taken to the Clay County Jail. They could face federal charges in addition to felony-level charges through the Clay County attorney's office, Jacobson said in a news release.

Jacobson said counterfeit $10 bills reportedly passed at other Moorhead businesses are believed to be circulating among the public.

Police are asking the public to check if they have any of the counterfeit bills, which have a different feeling paper, no watermarks, no security strip and no green or red fibers within the bills. The bills end with the serial numbers of 2197A and 2219A.

Anyone who believes they have a counterfeit bill is asked to turn it in to the Moorhead Police Department.