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Courts Oct. 26-28

Oct. 26

Jordan William Anderson: 19, of Park Rapids, seat belt violation, $105.

Michael Andrew Johnson: 31, of Laporte, disorderly conduct, $185.

Cody Allen Paulson: 20, of Park Rapids, snowmobile operation in careless/reckless manner, $285.

James LeRoy Frank: 51, of Nevis, DWI, $910.

Robert Eugene Hensel: 54, of Park Rapids, seat belt violation, $105.

Roger Owen Holland: 66, of Nevis, speeding, 69/55, $130.

Damien Michael Hoogakker: 22, of Park Rapids, violation of window restrictions, tinted or glazed.

Bradley James Norgren: 46, of Rockford, speeding, 64/55, $120.

Sara Jayne Scott: 33, of Hopkins, speeding, 64/55, $120.

Justin Daniel Seiser: 19, of Laporte, speeding, 74/60, $130.

Alex Ryan Willard: 19, of Solway, speeding, 55/45, $120.

Justin Henry Leuthard: 20, of Nimrod, driving off pavement or traveled portion to pass, $135.

Roxanne Ellen Stinar: 28, of Park Rapids, speeding, $120.

Jason Paul Wright: 27, of Park Rapids, seat belt violation, $105.

Branden Earl Smith: 23, of Park Rapids, DWI and driver must carry proof of insurance, and public nuisance, $1,240.

Katrina Pat Lausche: 37, of Duluth, speeding, 80/65.

Vera Joy Murray: 63, of Waubun, theft, $285 fine and $102.50 restitution.

Bret Leonard Edward Wilson: 21, of Park Rapids, disorderly conduct, $185.

Oct. 28

James Edward Barnes: 22, of Placetio, Calif., speeding, 65/55.

Allan Bruce Condiff: 58, of Park Rapids, seat belt violation.

Michael Clesi Gregerson: 34, of St. Paul, speeding, 69/55.

Randal Donovan Guida: 41, of Park Rapids, operate unsafe equipment one defect, $335.

David Wayne Kent: 51, of New Hope, speeding, $120.

Angela Marie McCollough: 29, of Park Rapids, DWI, $1,315 fine and 90 days in jail.

Melissa Annne Moir: 36, of Rogers, speeding, 84/55.

Buddy Eugene Mulkey: 28, of Bemidji, speeding, 64/55.

Diane Lee Pederson: 72, of Menahga, speeding, stay of adjudication, $100.

Travis Lee Raisch: 24, of Bemidji, speeding, 64/55.

Ty William Andrews: 29, of Nevis, DWI, $910.

Matthew Allen Brown: 45, of Park Rapids, violation of drivers' license driving restrictions, $885.

Ashley Kay Holmer: 19, of Bemidji, seat belt violation, $105.

Editor's note: Ages and other information omitted were not entered in court data.