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Firefighters extinguish house fire in Park Rapids

Park Rapids firefighters climb to the roof of a house in Park Rapids to douse a chimney fire Tuesday morning. (Sarah Smith/Enterprise)1 / 2
Seven Persian cats and kittens were rescued from a Park Rapids home after fire broke out in a chimney. (Sarah Smith/Enterprise)2 / 2

Firefighters raced up the roof of a house on Discovery Circle in Park Rapids Tuesday morning to douse a chimney fire that threatened to engulf the home.

"We had a fire in the fireplace last night but everything was OK," said homeowner Sherri Lockrem.

"Then I noticed a smoky smell this morning near the aquarium."

Firefighters were called before 11 a.m.

Lockrem called her daughter, Megan Alden, who was staying with Megan's father at the time of the fire. Megan was home sick with the flu.

"I came over right away," Megan said. She raced inside and grabbed a basket of seven Persian cats and kittens and placed them outside in a car.

Lockrem and her daughter made repeated trips into the garage to save the Christmas decorations as smoke belched from the roof.

There were no injuries.