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Chihuahua stolen from Grand Forks pet store recovered

The Chihuahua puppy stolen last week from Stonegate Pet Center and Grooming Boutique in Grand Forks has been recovered and has found a new home, store owner Andy Gleich said.

After the Herald and KNOX Radio reported the theft, he said, a tipster reported overhearing the suspected dognapper talk about being in the news. While police followed up, he said, the suspect must've gotten nervous and had a third party bring the puppy to the Grand Forks Humane Society.

Another tip led Gleich to the Humane Society, which gave him the puppy.

He said the $489 puppy was fine and was back at the store for just a half-hour before someone bought it.

With no evidence and no eyewitnesses, Gleich said he's doubtful the suspect would get prosecuted. Earlier, he had said two female UND students were the last people seen handling the puppy.