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Detroit Lakes triplets turn 1-year-old

Royce and Erica Germain hold tight to their 1-year-old triplets, from left, Carson, Landon and Noah. (Pippi Mayfield/DL Newspapers)

Two adults. Three dogs. Three 1-year-olds. That's a full, hectic house. That's the Germain household.

Royce and Erica Germain's triplets, Carson, Noah and Landon, celebrated their 1-year birthday Sept. 11. They celebrated with some relatives and their very own cupcake each.

"Everybody had a sugar high afterward," Erica said.

Born three months premature, the Detroit Lakes triplets got to go home the week of Thanksgiving, and luckily with no surgeries or major complications.

"We've been really lucky," Erica said. "Everyone is amazed how good they're doing."

Carson has been in the hospital twice since being born for respiratory problems, though.

Being judged on a special growth chart -- based on when they should have been born versus when they actually were born -- the babies are right on developmentally. They may be a little behind the average 1 year old, but not much. They aren't quite walking yet, although Royce says he's looking forward to that milestone.

Erica questions that.

It will be easier to get around, Royce said, but the house will be that much more hectic, they agree.

Noah is already busy, climbing and jumping on everything.

"He is definitely the daredevil. He's into everything," Erica said.

Landon, on the other hand, gets into things, but is much more cautious about it. He's quicker to cry, but is still on the go.

Carson is the mellow one. She plays by herself easily and has no problem sitting back and watching her brothers.

The three play well together -- most of the time anyway. They're teething and that can cause some sleepless nights and some biting.

"They love to test them out on their neighbor," Erica said.

The three share a bedroom and have their separate cribs.

"We sleep wherever the kids will let us," Royce said with a laugh.

Now that both parents are back to work, someone comes to stay with the kids during the weekdays, including Erica's mom on Thursdays. Outings are getting easier, and life is falling into a routine.

"It's not as boring, never a dull moment," Erica said of life with the triplets.

"There's no more normalcy," Royce said.

"This is normal now," Erica added.