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Rep. Michelle Bachmann health care forum lively

U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann address a crowd of several hundred people who showed up Thursday for her health care town hall forum in Lake Elmo, a St. Paul suburb.

The lively crowd gathered for U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann's health care town hall forum turned feisty at times, drowning out speakers with applause and boos.

Bachmann's Thursday afternoon forum drew several hundred people, who packed a roughly 420-seat school auditorium. A couple of hundred more watched by video from the cafeteria. Bachmann's staff said there was room for 800 people.

The 6th District Republican is an outspoken critic of Democratic health care overhaul proposals. Much of her criticism was aimed at a House Democratic bill that she said would result in a "government takeover" of the health care system and cost more than advocates claim.

"Here's another option that hasn't been talked about very much, and that's the option where you own your own health care -- not government, not business," she said to loud applause.

Bachmann said Congress should make it easier for people to buy health insurance from companies across state lines. Private competition would more products at cheaper prices, she said.

"Let's not destroy what truly is the greatest health-care system the world has ever known," Bachmann said.

"That's a lie," a man yelled.

"Shut up," another audience member responded.

Bachmann supporters decried what they said would be a vastly expanded government role in health care if Democrats get their way.

"Either do something good or do no harm," Gary Baran of Woodbury, a Bachmann supporter, said of lawmakers. "(House Democrats' bill) is on the harm side."

Detractors of the two-term representative said comments made during the forum would not change Bachmann's position.

"With Michele Bachmann, to be honest I'm not confident she would be swayed by her constituents," Josh Meltzer, 18, said while waiting in line for the forum, which included questions about Medicare programs, insurance coverage and malpractice reform.

Bachmann's forum came on the heels of similar events in other Minnesota congressional districts during Congress' August recess. Those forums, while widely attended, generally lacked the raucous crowd outbursts witnessed at some forums held around the country.

Joining Bachmann at the event was fellow Republican Rep. Michael Burgess of Texas. The Rochester, Minn., native has a background in obstetrics.

Burgess, who said he advised Sen. John McCain on health care during the presidential campaign, questioned whether Congress can pass sweeping health care reform before the end of the year, a goal of President Barack Obama.

The crowd was lively but civil, authorities said.

The Washington County Sheriff's Department staffed the event with eight uniformed officers and another 10 deputies in plain clothes.

"A couple of verbal jousts in the hallway, but everything went OK," Cmdr. Marv Stutz said.