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Taylor Swift rocks her second WE Fest

It may have been a wet and chilly evening at Soo Pass Ranch Friday night, but that didn't seem to bother Taylor Swift.

The young performer, returning for her second year at WE Fest, chatted up the crowd, flipped her hair around like an '80s rocker and reminder the crowd with nearly every song that "if they don't want bad songs written about them, don't do bad things."

It's hard not to notice that nearly every song Swift performed started with a tale, and even a video-taped interview with Today Show co-anchor Hoda Kotb, of how some boy had cheated on her or dumped her and caused her to write a song about him. How many tragic love stories can a girl of 19 have?

The energetic concert kicked off with a video of stars including Garth Brooks, Miley Cyrus and Shawn Johnson telling what fearless meant to them, fearless being the name of Swift's newest album. She then broke onto stage with "You Belong with Me."

Between songs, Swift talked with the crowd, mostly rehearsed words that lead into her next song, but she did offer, "I played WE Fest last year and we had so much fun we just had to come back."

The crowd welcomed her back too, disregarding the rain-soaked chairs and using any plastic bag they could find to wrap themselves in to escape the mist that fell. The crowd stayed happy as Swift danced back and forth across the stage, switching up guitars and pausing for dramatic effect and a smile at the end of each song.

A quick costume and set change occurred after only four songs, and soon after, she slowed the evening with a couple of tunes including "Tim McGraw," the first song she released from her first album. In need of a pick-me-up, she came out with a couple very rock and roll style songs, followed with a harder mix of "White Horse" as well.

Swift played to the crowd, accepted a gift and some roses from fans and continued to sing about the boys who have left her no choice but to include them in her songs. To the disappointment of the crowd, she didn't come back for an encore either.

Swift's an entertainer. She's also 19. Both are evident in her concert, but the bottom line is she delivered a good concert and made the weather not seem to matter so much.