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Overnight drama in the skies causes sleepless night

A small lake materialized overnight in the back parking lot of the Park Rapids Eagles Club after heavy rains deluged the region. (Sarah Smith / Enterprise)

A beautiful day ended with nighttime drama Thursday night into early Friday morning.

Hubbard County experienced spectacular lightning, thunder and heavy rains overnight after seeing a daytime high of 80.

"Judging from the radar you got half to three-quarters of an inch of rainfall," said National Weather Service meterologist Geoff Grochocinski, adding, "that may be under-reported and we may revise that upward when we get more official rainfall totals in later this morning."

Hail missed the immediate region but fell on Crookston and Thief River Falls, Grochocinski said, causing damage to vehicles and structures.

"There were reports of large damaging hail" to the north and west of Hubbard County, but none so far around Park Rapids.

For the immediate forecast, Grochocinski said "we still have that upper low pressure system centered over Ontario, that northerly cool flow out of Canada" that's causing below normal temperatures.

Those cool temperatures will be around for several days, along with changes of rain, he said.