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Help-wanted ad in Alexandria newspaper tried to scam applicants of money

An ad that ran in the Wednesday, July 15 Echo Press on page B5 for a full time experienced nanny/housekeeper is reportedly a scam.

The Echo Press received several phone calls about the ad and was contacted by law enforcement on Monday, July 20, notifying the paper that the ad was a scam.

Interested persons were asked to send their applications to

Applicants, who received an e-mail response back from "Frank," were then told they would be receiving a deposit of $300 plus an undetermined amount of money for moving expenses. The applicants were asked to deposit the money into their own bank account and then take $300 and forward it via Western Union to a moving company.

Applicants were asked to provide their full name and address, along with a daytime phone number and a cell phone number so that the money could be sent through the mail to the applicants.

If you have responded to this ad, do not respond back to any e-mails you receive.

The ad has been since been pulled.