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Chain saws used to free trapped accident victim; Nevis man booked for DWI

Trees were chain sawed down to free a trapped driver Wednesday night who was later charged with DWI. (Sarah Smith/Enterprise)1 / 2
Geoffrey Earl Adams2 / 2

Brianna Fynboh was on her way home from an opera rehearsal late Wednesday when she noticed trees down in her driveway on County Road 33 west of Nevis.

She and friend Joe Bolling quickly discovered why - a car had veered off the road, rolled and headed deep into the wooded shoulder, where it came to rest wedged in between several trees.

"We didn't know if there was anybody in the car," she said Thursday. "We kept calling out and finally someone said, 'Wait, I'm here.'"

Joe immediately called his father, a First Responder. Help was on the way.

"We couldn't get him out of there," Brianna said.

Fire Department personnel from Nevis and Akeley had to use chain saws and the jaws of life to reach the vehicle, then pry the car doors open to remove the trapped driver.

"He said he'd been there about an hour," Brianna said. "He wasn't hurt really bad but he seemed kind of confused."

The accident was reported by the teenagers at 10:45 p.m. Adams' vehicle was discovered deep in the south ditch of the roadway, just outside a small business Brianna's mother owns called Blue Sky Beads.

Geoffrey Earl Adams, 27, of Nevis, was transported by ambulance to the hospital, checked over, then booked into the Hubbard County jail, said Sheriff Frank Homer.

He was arraigned Thursday on Second Degree DWI charges.He has three prior alcohol-related arrests, according to his criminal records.

Meanwhile, Brianna was watching Adams' yellow lab, which managed to get out of the overturned vehicle and was thought to have run away Wednesday night. She said the dog was found near the accident scene Thursday.

"He's here laying on the floor," she said. "My cat doesn't like him too much, but he's a nice dog."