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Park Rapids offers many cultural, outdoor activities

Editor's note: This is the fifth in a series of articles examining each section of a Progress Park Rapids indicator report. The articles will appear in the Park Rapids Enterprise each Wednesday.

Park Rapids has a lot to offer in the areas of outdoor recreation and cultural opportunities, making it a very livable community.

According to the Progress Park Rapids Indicator Report, the Park Rapids community fosters the arts. The community cultivates arts and culture opportunities and has multiple different outlets for creative citizens.

Outdoor recreational opportunities are also abundant in this region. The Park Rapids area contains numerous lakes, lake accesses, snowmobile trails and state forests. Furthermore, the community has an abundance of summer use trails.

The city of Park Rapids provides many outdoor recreation opportunities to residents. Within the Park Rapids city limits there are seven city parks and one large county park that provide space and amenities for citizen's to enjoy the outdoors.

Progress Park Rapids has identified ways to make Park Rapids even more livable, including:

-Use the arts and culture assets to carve a niche for Park Rapids. Not many communities of this size can say they house as many artists or cultural offerings as Park Rapids. Moving into the future Park Rapids can capitalize on this niche by continuing to expand these types of opportunities to attract more of the creative class. One example might be the planning of a community center in such a way that the facility can support the local arts and culture scene.

-Implement an initiative to make Park Rapids a green community. Partnering with Green Park Rapids and building on initiatives they are already working on will be a key to success.

-Develop a response for the threat to our lakes from invasive species. The lakes are one of the key assets. One of the emerging threats is from invasive species.

-The City of Park Rapids recently completed a parks plan that identifies the ideal improvements for the existing city parks. Through implementing this plan the city parks will become even more of a community asset than they already are.

To help make Park Rapids more livable through one of these initiatives, go to