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Exquisite flowers, heirloom quilts and a touch of elegance make for successful church fundraiser

Betty Davis prepares to place a gourmet dessert on an artfully decorated table at Hubbard United Methodist Church Saturday afternoon. "Just bring a fancy dessert" were the only instructions bakers were given. They rose to the task, but a dessert coordinator kept track of each dish to guard against any duplications. Betty had trouble fitting all the desserts on the table. The floral centerpiece was the work of Tom Carew, a church member and gardener. (Sarah Smith / Enterprise)1 / 2
Four gardens and 40 quilts served as the backdrop of Hubbard United Methodist Church's summer fundraiser. Guests toured area gardens while volunteers prepared a gourmet lunch at the church. Music and poetry readings greeted visitors at each garden. But the scene stealer was the florals on the tables arranged by Tom Carew from his gardens. Waitresses Janet McMillen, Joy Derr, Edie Olson, Dori Holt and Betty Porter, not pictured, plan their service.2 / 2