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Pig races in Nevis will determine Senate race winner

Nevis mayor Dave McCurnin's "Daddy" will be among the contenders rounding the racetrack Sunday, July 5. Post time is 4:05 in Muskie Park.

On your mark, get set - oink!

And they're off, rounding the first corner with lightning speed, the crowd cheering the tiny piglets.

But wait; is that something to nibble on? The crowd roars and a trainer steps in to urge Porky on to the finish line...

Nevis Muskie Park will become Muskie Downs Sunday, July 5 when renowned pigmeister Gary Dauer arrives from Leader with his pinks - and high jinx - for an afternoon of pig racing.

Gates open at 3:30 p.m. with a post time of 4:05.

Nine teams of piglets will be rounding the racetrack, each wearing a vest with a local sponsor's name.

There will be a Coleman-Franken run-off with the winner pig heading off to Washington.

Admission to the post- Independence Day event is $2 for adults, $1 for ages 9 to 14 with kids 8 and under free.

Contact McCurnin at 652-3362 for more information. Volunteers are needed race day.

Read all about the lunacy - including famous pork personalities arriving for the event - in Pig Tale Times, a special supplement to the Wednesday, July 1 Park Rapids Enterprise.