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Index of county's oldest, largest cemetery - Greenwood - is now complete

Indexing of Park Rapids' Greenwood Cemetery's headstones - from 1892 to the present - is now complete, the information accessible on a Web site.

Greenwood Cemetery is the culmination of a countywide cataloging project that began in 1990, Marion Town spearheading the initiative. (Lakeport Cemetery's index is complete, but is yet to be added to the site.)

Genealogist Darryl Hensel began work on the Greenwood project in 2000 and last year, Beth Waller and Rod Nordberg volunteered time for its completion.

The Greenwood Cemetery's list includes nearly 4,800 deceased, most marked with headstones but a few just have death certificates, Hensel said of the 20-acre cemetery.

"Put it this way," he said. "There are more people dead than alive in Park Rapids."

Hensel has indexed about two-thirds of the 27 cemeteries in Hubbard County.

Greenwood, he said, is the oldest and the largest of the county's final resting places.

The trio indexed by block. A cemetery block is comprised of a set of four lots, each with four graves, 16 burials, Hensel explained.

Headstone information was recorded, which generally includes dates of birth and death and often marriage and military service. Some headstones list immediate family members.

The information will be helpful to genealogists attempting to locate ancestors, Hensel said. Funeral homes often receive inquiries; now a complete site exists. "People from all over the world can conduct ancestral work." The site is

For a historical look at Hubbard County, take a step back in time at

The site is home to Hubbard County records, replete with biographical sketches of early pioneers, articles from the Enterprise in the late 1800s, "early church life in Park Rapids," a plat book from 1922, a Park Rapids yearbook index from 1899 to 1999, Akeley history and more.