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Test well drilled to look for quality water in city of Park Rapids

Lead driller Josh Elsner, with Elsner Well Drilling, operates heavy equipment to complete a test well in northwest Park Rapids near Park Rapids Area High School. (Sarah Smith / Enterprise)

Elsner Well Drilling has constructed a test well in Park Rapids at around 300 feet and is testing the water quality this week.

The drilling company was authorized by the City Council to drill a deep test well to see if the water quality would be better than the water from the city's other wells. The city's other wells are between 50 and 70 feet.

The City Council authorized the test well to be drilled in response to a well being closed due to high nitrate levels. If the water quality isn't up to par, the city might have to build a treatment plant, which would cost more money.

Kelly Elsner, owner of Elsner Well Drilling, said he has had good luck drilling deep wells.

A pump test is being conducted on the test well from 48 to 72 hours, Elsner said. His crew will monitor the well and the water will be tested for quality.

The results will be presented to the Park Rapids City Council.