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Vote for a Pig Prince/Princess

Talk about hogging the spotlight!

Nevis Dollars for Scholars is organizing an activity where people can go into Nevis businesses and vote for a Pig Prince/Princess.

All they have to do is fill out a ballot at one of the participating Nevis businesses and attach a $1 bill to the vote.

One person will be chosen on July 5 as Nevis' Pig Prince or Princess (depending upon the gender of the selected person).

The winner will receive a handful of prizes and will assist in raising $50 from the crowd on the spot to get Nevis Mayor Dave McCurnin to kiss a pig.

People may vote as many times as they'd like and can vote for anyone, friend or foe so long as a dollar accompanies each vote.

Campaigning for the distinction of Pig Prince/Princess is both permissible and encouraged. All proceeds will benefit the Nevis Dollars for Scholars program.