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Greenwood Connections questions ordinance, suggests changes to clarify responsibilities

An ordinance established by the Menahga City Council in 2000 was questioned Tuesday at the Greenwood Connections monthly board meeting.

"I'm a little frustrated," said board member Jim Kangas. "I want some guidelines to go by."

According to the ordinance, "the Greenwood Connections board shall be composed of seven members, one of whom shall be a member of the city council, appointed by the council."

Because the ordinance doesn't limit the number of council members appointed to the board, the council is free to appoint more than one member.

Currently Kim Rasmussen and Maxine Norman are the two council representatives on the Greenwood Connections Advisory Board.

Kangas said the number of council members on the board is one reason the council questions some decisions made by the board.

"It seems like the council micro manages what's done here," he said.

However, the nursing home is owned by the city and its advisory board is treated like a committee that runs one of the city's departments.

Rasmussen said the council appoints two members to each committee and advisory board.

"The nursing home is an entity of the city," she said. "There are things the council needs to be involved in... and there needs to be flow of information between the council and the board."

The ordinance also lists responsibilities of the board. Councilwoman Norman said some of the items that fall under the duties of the board should be updated.

According to the ordinance, the board may contract and purchase all necessary equipment and supplies, provided however, that any single capital item of purchase not specifically included in the budget between the amounts of $2,500 and $25,000, shall be first approved by the council.

A minimum amount of $2,500 seems low and the board should be able to purchase items for that amount or possibly higher without approval by the council, Norman said.

Other responsibilities of the board should also be clarified, said board member Steve Bruer, an issue that came about during Greenwood Connections' administrator Clair Erickson's open evaluation by the council last month.