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Most of Washington School demolished

Work is just getting underway Tuesday morning to demolish the main part of the old Washington Elementary School.

Most of the old Washington Elementary School was demolished Tuesday as the site will be turned into housing.

The oldest part of the structure, the main building, was completely demolished, while a newer portion will just be gutted.

Union Central LLC, the developer of the project, wants the proposed facility to be "catered" living, where there will be kitchen and dining room services available if residents would want to take advantage of them.

The project lists 16 two-bedroom units, but Union Central said it will likely change some of the one-bedroom units to two-bedroom units because of the higher demand.

Union Central is targeting seniors, although it has no intention of being subsidized as of now. The developers are not being subsidized because if not enough senior rent the units, Union Central would like to be able to rent to all who could pay.