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Kandiyohi County social worker on paid administrative leave during investigation

A Kandiyohi County Social Worker continues to be on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of an investigation on allegations that he accepted a prescription pain pill from a client.

Kent Ames Boyd, 51, of Willmar, is charged with a felony count of controlled substance crime in the fifth degree and a misdemeanor count of prohibited drug purchase or receipt.

Boyd made his initial court appearance May 7.

An omnibus hearing is scheduled June 16.

Kandiyohi County Administrator Larry Kleindl said Boyd is on paid administrative leave while an internal investigation takes place.

"It's being looked at. We're in the middle of it right now," Kleindl said on Monday.

The internal investigation could coincide with the legal process, he said.

According to the complaint, Boyd is alleged to have asked for and received an oxycontin or oxycodone pill in February from a vulnerable adult in Spicer. An aide with Lake Region Home Health Care told authorities Boyd was helping her inventory the client's medications in the kitchen. As he was writing down information about the woman's oxycontin or oxycodone prescription, Boyd asked if the client had "some of that for me?"

The aide said she later saw the client hand Boyd a glass of water and something small that appeared to be a pill. She said he took the pill as he was sitting in the living room.

Boyd told police he'd never asked for or received a pain pill of any kind from a client.

According to the complaint, Boyd said he has been in chronic pain most of his life and takes prescription medications daily, which could possibly explain why he wouldn't remember taking another one.

Boyd told an investigator that he didn't recall taking a pill from the client and that if he'd said anything to the woman about wanting one, it was said as "a joke."

The client told the aide that she had given Boyd a pill because she felt sorry for him because of his physical pain, according to the complaint.