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Debris fire challenges firefighters in high winds; second fire near Guthrie

A debris pile likely re-ignited Wednesday in high winds. DNR Forestry firefighters responded to two separate fires Wednesday afternoon. (Sarah Smith/Enterprise)

High winds likely re-ignited a rural Hubbard County debris pile Wednesday, threatening to send flames spreading across a grassy field.

The fire southeast of Dorset was called in shortly after noon. Several smaller water trucks responded to the field.

It appeared as if the landowner was burning logs. A deputy at the scene said it was possible the debris pile was burned yesterday and was rekindled by winds of 25 mph.

Fire officials cautioned landowners to refrain from burning fields, and reminded them to observe fire restrictions as hot dry winds descend on the area.

DNR Forestry firefighters responded to another grass fire near Guthrie about the same time.

"We're lucky here that we have a large contingent of Forestry firefighters to help us out," said Park Rapids Fire Chief Don Hoffman. "It's dangerous out there right now."